Miu Miu FW23 Collateral Campaign

Director / DoP / Edit / Script / Sound Design Kersti Jan Werdal @kerstijanwerdal
Creative Director Edward Quarmby @edwardquarmby
Stylist Lotta Volkova #lottavolkova
Movement Research and Consultant / Lucy Kerr 

Kersti Jan Werdal and I met at CalArts in 2017 and immediately became good friends. Shortly after I included her dance film in a program I curated on film and dance at Brooklyn Studios for Dance in 2017, and since then we've worked together on multiple projects. My interest in film from a dance perspective and her interest in dance from a film perspective has created a strong creative bond and curiousity between us. Contributing movement to this Miu Miu campaign was an incredibly fruitful experience and I was very interested in Kersti's inclusion of ambiguous text and narrative within the context of being in down time on a set. This process felt second nature to me since I'd been recently working on a dance piece about "Downtime" - the liminal space of contemplative waiting or hanging out. It was such an interesting shared wavelength that we were on at the time. Kersti and I were thinking about the before and after the camera is rolling. For the movement generation, I worked a lot with chairs, rolling chairs, oranges, notebooks, glasses of water, to find gestures in relation to objects and surfaces that can support parts of the body.

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