"Emergency Contact" is taken from IAN SWEET's new album, SUCKER - out November 3, 2023.

Starring Jillian Medford and Martin Herlihy
Production Company: Insufficient Funds
Director: Brittany Reeber
Producer: Serena Hughes
Cinematographer: Adam Kolodny
Editor: Jacqueline Donahue
Choreographer: Lucy Kerr
Production Designers: Caroline Pigou, Kaili Corcoran

Brittany Reeber and I have been working together for over a decade. I first starting learning about film as a dancer performing in and choreographing for Brittany's shorts. It was such a joy to work together again after a few years on this dynamic, funny, and emotional music video. The movement language felt very familiar since I'm often working very deeply with the body in simple relations to gravity. I loved that the idea was to use a chair to devise the choreography - which connected to the work I had done for Kersti in the Miu Miu campaign. For this project, we ended up coming up with a pretty tightly choreographed 4 8 counts of movement that you see in the beginning of the video. And later on I helped coach Jillian on certain gestures and the overall tone of the movement. 

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